The sun has set on this site

The content from Stay Swimming has moved to my own personal site JakeSymons.com. This used to be a mental health blog, but I’ve found it better if I talk from my own perspective, rather then trying to adjust my posts to fit the style of another website.


This site was a mask

My anxiety was holding me back. I created this site so I wouldn’t have to stand completely exposed and stay “I have a mental health problem.” I had to put something in the way of that, to separate it somehow from myself.

But I realised if I wasn’t going to get over my anxiety then how could I expect other people? How could I help others if I was not helping myself?


So that’s why this has moved


What was once a website to advertise my professional writing services, now is a place for mental health. Mental health and my writing co-existing together on the site. I wanted to keep them separate, but I realised that mental health isn’t just something you can take out of yourself.

And it influences my writing a lot. When digging into my creativity I also release my deepest thoughts also. So what better reason to have my mental health blog posts right next to my short stories.

Click here to visit JakeSymons.com